Help! The world’s going all cuckoo on me!

I will never understand this world. Taking the stairs up to my grandma’s place recently, I noticed that, at every bend on every stairwell was plastered a ceramic tile with a portrait of a Hindu god or goddess. This struck me as rather odd…a painted wall with just one tile on it? Why would people bother with something like that?

Turns out my granny knew why. Seems that paan-chewing Indians will spit in every corner they can find. And the only way to prevent the vista from going all red on you is to put the fear of God into those paan lovers.

Speaking of more oddball people, I think what the Aussies are doing Down Under looks pretty sad from Up Here. Here’s a bunch of people actually paying them for the privilege of filling the coffers at their universities – even as they eschew a whole world of opportunities in their native land (as well as in better-known campuses across the US and Europe). But is the native heart at peace? No! They want not just their money, but also their blood.

Now I agree that things are not as simple as that. But is it really so hard for people to just get along with each other? I can understand a certain amount of resentment in places where people just barge in and take hold of what rightfully belongs to the native. But in this situation, it’s the Australian government’s sustained ad campaigns in India, their depiction of their country as the next education and leisure destination, that’s caused the recent influx of Indians there.

Perhaps, before they come back to woo us again, they need to woo their own people with an ‘Incredible Indians in Amazing Australia’ ad campaign first.

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