Suffer the dogs

Stray dog - Mumbai
Stray dog - Mumbai

It’s an awful awful sound, the yowling of an animal in pain. As my friend told me: “I can’t stand it.” And this is from a 6-foot-plus giant of a man who’s pretty much a ‘toughie’ on most counts that count.

But the municipal corporation has made up its mind. The animals are to suffer. Actually, little changes with this. ‘Suffer the animals’ was always the diktat. Even before the government publicly walked all over its old sterilization policy with feet shod in shoes soiled with shit.

 Don’t mind the language too much. I just happen to be boiling with rage.

Dogs, especially, are so obviously meant to be beaten, thrown acid upon, starved to caricature-ish skeletons & generally thrashed to death – or to a fate worse than death – that it amazes me how this simple fact seems to escape almost all the educated, intelligent people I do know. Or perhaps I only know the wrong kind of people.