So who IS Mishka really?

Professionally? A writer/ editor with 7 years of experience in print & online media and corporate writing.

Personally? I love to read, to travel (or at least to plan to travel), to track the work of American advice columnists & to cook up at least 3 new ideas in my head every single day. Adding a spot of colour to my drab personality is my utter obsession with cats! And my hopeless romantic outlook on life. And my interest in all things weird & wonderful…

There’s more, of course, but that’s likely to emerge on this blog as time goes by.

So read on & let me know what peeved you, tickled you & what is simply blah about my space. See ya around!

One thought on “So who IS Mishka really?

  1. there is enthusiasm in your words and the flow is neat and swift. keep writing and someone like me will keep reading. cheers! – anon

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