Population woes? Sterilize them all!

OK, so this is my first-ever blog post & I do admit I’m kinda late hopping on to the blog bandwagon (hey, I am a full-time writer, for god’s sake!)

Anyway, my logic all this while had been: I-get-paid-for-writing-so-why-make-it-a-freebie-giveaway-and-kill-the-exclusivity?

That was, until very recently. Until this very morning, if you really have to be so factual about it. But lately I’ve realized that most of my work is now done for the www & the Net being what it is, it leaves little scope for rambling or even for fully expressing those many budding thoughts in my head. It’s more like a takeaway counter than a restaurant in that sense, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, so coming back to it. Being my first post, this was supposed to be all light & waffley but then I thought better of it. Coz there’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now so maybe we’ll just keep the fun stuff for later & get right down to it this time.

Well, so what’s on my mind is: This country is wayyy too crowded for anyone’s good. I’ve been thinking of what can be done about it – apart from, of course, to not have kids of my own. (More on that in the next coupla posts).

China might have turned infanticide into a national success, but those who know India will know that that sort of drastic solution will never work here. For one thing, we are a Democracy…and democracies never openly kill people, do they?

Well then, why not cut the problem out at the grassroots? First, zero down on the section of populace most likely to be unable to afford a proper upbringing for their kids. To me, that means at least those people living BPL – people who have no control over their future on a day-to-day basis, forget being able to provide their offspring with proper food, care or education. Now – and this may sound drastic but just hear me out here – sterilize the whole lot of them. That’s right – simply take away their right to procreation, to perpetuate their misery down the generations.

Now, whenever I suggest this as a possible solution to India’s population woes, people give me that strange look, the one that says: “Now I know what Hitler’s thought patterns were like.” So yes, I know how harsh this sounds but do consider the facts for a moment. Most people below Poverty Line cannot put a full meal on their table; often, they cannot put a roof over their heads. What’s more, they cannot even grasp at threads of dignity (defecating in the open is about the surest way to ensure that at least!).

So what are we talking about here? These are a people with no right to life (no food, zero life), to liberty (working 7 days a week under grueling conditions? Or working not at all? Haha!), to education (government school or no school, same difference), or to dignity (we’ve already been over this part).

What I’m saying is, when there are so many rights that they cannot avail, why not take away their right to procreation as well? At least this will ensure that the cycle does not continue, that there are no naked sun-burnt infants wailing on our roads & railway stations who will one day grow up to be either beggars, thieves or poor daily wage labourers living in as pitiable a condition as their unfortunate parents before them.

Agree with this? No? Well, I’m open to valid arguments for/ against this contention. So do post your comments below. I will try & reply to each of them!      

That’s it from me for now. Look forward to the next one already! Ciaoish!